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Getting started with Adocka


Before getting started, please ensure you are signed in to your Adocka and Oneflow accounts with the same email address.

Once we confirm, you can proceed: 

  1. Log on to Oneflow as an administrator, then go to Admin > Extensions > then click on the Adocka extension. 
  2. Enable the Adocka extension using the toggle.
  3. When you have enabled the extension, this is what you'll see. This is your Oneflow API token. Copy the token and securely save it.
  4. Log in to Adocka and find the Oneflow tab in the top bar
  5. Choose Settings and paste your API token.
    The integration is activated! Just a few more steps.
  6. Now, head back to Oneflow and go to Templates. 
  7. For every template you want to connect in Adocka, go to Settings and set the Adocka Template Group. Don't forget to save.
  8. Your final step is to connect data fields in your template
    Done! Time to create contracts

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