Data fields let you duplicate information to multiple places in a contract. It’s an easy way to save time and effort when creating a contract.

Data fields can be connected to our integrations (Upsales, Salesforce and Lime), but you can also set up your own data fields.

Activating template groups and data fields

Go to Account > Extensions. Scroll to Template groups and click “Activate”. Follow the instructions and set up the data fields you wish to use.
You can always add more data fields whenever you wish - Just click “Template groups” in the left sidebar menu.

Here’s an example of how data fields look:

The icon next to Customer means the field is connected to a data field, and anything written in the field will be duplicated.

Data fields in field sections

Click the field and select the data field in the menu marked “Datafield”.

Data fields in text sections

Click where you want your data field to be placed, click on the “Tag”-icon in the toolbar and select the data field you wish to use.

 If you haven’t connected this to a field, fill in what information you want it to duplicate in the field marked “Value”.

What kind of data fields should I set up?
If you’re making your own template group, think about what information is used often in your contract - Is it a company name, a recipient or a specific date? Then make that into a data field!

A good starting point is replacing “Customer” or “Recipient” with a data field named “Company name”. That way, you can make your contract more inviting by referring to your recipient by name - without having to go through your whole contract!