- Make sure that you've sent it to the right e-mail adress

Double-check that the e-mail you're trying to send the e-mail to is correct. Read more here.

- I'm absolutely sure I have the right e-mail adress. What can I do?

First, ask your recipient to check their spam inbox. If they can't find it there, ask them to contact their IT-manager and see if they can check for any undelivered e-mails from Oneflow. We're happy to help if they need any additional details.

Your recipients mail provider may have settings blocking e-mails from Oneflow. This can include settings for inboxes, firewalls or security settings that block your messages from coming through. Although we do everything we can to make sure your e-mail is delivered, we can't influence our recipients settings.

This is usually because of the content of the email - something you've written in your message makes a spam filter sort out your email as, well, spam. If you're having this problem a lot, consider rewriting your messages into something less likely to be recognised as spam.

- Can I check the status of my e-mail?

Yes! If you're curious to know if and why an email was blocked, please contact the Oneflow support and provide details about the email that failed to reach its recipient.