Click the green “New contract”-button. This will open a view of all active templates you can choose to create a contract from. You can also search for a specifik template through the search-bar. 

Skim through the contract, and if you wish to change anything just press “Edit layout”, click anywhere in the text to change it or ask your Administrator to do it for you. If you need to, add a colleague or two by clicking “Add colleague” in the right sidebar menu.

Ready to send? Great! Click on “Add counterparts” to fill in the contact info.
For every counterpart, you must assign them a role in the contract. A Signatory will be able to view and sign while an Influencer can view and comment the contract. A Viewer will be able to read the contract but not make any edits. You can add more than one participant, or counterparts from other companies.

Save your changes, click on “Send contract”, write a short message to your recipient, and then hit “Send”.

Your counterpart will receive a secure link to view the contract and interact with its sections. You’ll be notified when your counterpart has opened the contract, and you can see how many times they’ve opened it by clicking “Insight” in the right bottom corner of the contract.

If your counterpart has any questions they can be asked in the comment section and all participants will receive notifications whenever changes are made and saved.

When you’ve agreed and filled in all necessary information, it’s time to sign! Both of you sign by clicking the green “Sign”-button.

Congratulations to your first signed contract with Oneflow!