Create contracts directly from cases and opportunities in Intelliplan. Important events on contracts in Oneflow will automatically be reflected in Intelliplan.

Enabling Oneflow in Intelliplan

This extension requires that you have an Intelliplan account and that you enable the Oneflow integration in Intelliplan. If you are unsure of how to do this, contact and they will help you out!

Enabling Intelliplan in Oneflow

Log in to Oneflow and head to Account- Extensions.

Find Intelliplan and Enable

API Token & Configuration Connection to Intelliplan

When you click on the enable button, an API- token will be generated. You will not be able to see this token again later, so we suggest you copy or write it down immediately (If you lose your token, you need to disable the extension and enable it again to get a new one). Send the API-token to and they will proceed as necessary. 

Enter the Intelliplan sub domain used by your company in the field where requested (If you are uncertain about what the sub domain is, contact Intelliplan support)- Save. This is done to automatically sync contract status changes from Oneflow to Intelliplan.

Once you have this set, you need to activate a template group in all the Oneflow Templates that you wish to connect to Intelliplan. This is done separately for each template so go to Templates and click on one that you want to connect. Under Settings you have Template groups, choose an Intelliplan template group, which ever one is most appropriate for the type of template, save.

Your job is done in Oneflow, now head over to Intelliplan!

Sync templates

To use your Oneflow templates in Intelliplan, you need to Sync with Oneflow . To do so, go to Administration- Contracts- Sync with Oneflow

All your templates should now show, and what is left to do is activate the templates. Choose a template- Activate

Done! Time to create contracts