Here's a guide explaining how to activate the integration between Oneflow and Upsales.

Start by logging in to your Upsales account- Go to Apps through the cogwheels in the top right corner.

Choose Oneflow- Activate.

Now head back to Oneflow- Click on Extensions- Upsales- Enable.

When you have klicked on enable, this is what you'll see: 

Copy the API- token, go back to Upsales and paste the token- Save.

Now copy your Upsales customer ID and paste it into Oneflow under Customer-ID- Save.

The integration is now active!

To connect your Oneflow templates to Upsales you also need to activate the template group. To do so, choose a template in Oneflow, under settings you'll find Template Group, Upsales- Save

Follow the same steps with all templates you want to be able to connect in Upsales.

You also want as much information as possible to automatically transfer from Upsales into your contract and to do so you need to add datafields to your template. Find out how to use datafields here

Done! Time to create contracts