Welcome to Oneflow! Here is an outline to get you started.


When you've logged in to the app you're met by a personal Dashboard which gives you an overview of all the contracts you have created or been invited to by a colleague.

Under Pending you'll find the contracts that you have sent but that have not yet been signed. The view also shows how many times the contract has been opened by your counterpart. It is possible to set a period of validity on the contact. The contracts with the shortest validity left will be top of the list.

If the contract isn't signed before the validity expires, the status will change to Overdue. An overdue contract can no longer be signed. 

However, you can easily renew the contact by prolonging the period of validity (explained below).

Pipeline is a collection of your ongoing and overdue contracts, i.e contracts that have not yet been responded to by the counterpart (signed or declined).

If you wish to prolong the period of validity on an overdue contact, go to your pipeline or overdue list and klick set new expiry date on the contract you wish to prolong, choose a date and save. Your counterpart will be notified that the contract has been updated and can once again sign it.

When the contract has been signed it will automatically be moved to Signed contracts, should your counterpart decline the contract it will be moved to Declined contracts

In the Archive, all of your own, and your colleague's contacts, are gathered (if you have access to your colleague's contacts of course). 

You can make a search filtered by different variables, such as company name, participants etc.