In order to use the Oneflow for Salesforce application in Salesforce an administrator must first add the desired components (Lightning) or related list (Classic) to the desired page layouts.

All components and list for Oneflow contracts work for both Opportunities and Accounts.


In Lightning it is not possible to use related lists, as they are customised to Classic view. Instead you make use of Lightning Components. 

To add the Oneflow components to your layout, go do the desired layout, Account or Opportunity, and select Edit Page. On the bottom left side of the page you will find the Oneflow Lightning Components, under Custom - Managed.

There are two components available (see image below): 

  • OneflowContractList - List all contracts related to the current account or opportunity, with detailed status information. Also has a button for creating new contracts; and
  • OneflowCreateContractTab - For creating new contracts. Meant to be used in tabs.

Drag them in where you wish to display your contracts.

The compoents OneflowPing and SingleOneflowContract are not meant to be used.


In Classic Related Lists are used instead of Lightning Components. You can learn more about related lists here.

To add Oneflow Contracts to your related lists, in Accounts or Opportunities, go

To add the Oneflow Contract to the related lists of your layout, go do the desired layout, Account or Opportunity, and select Edit Layout. In the list of available Related Lists you will find Oneflow Contracts (see image below).

After adding the realed list you will need to change the columns that are shown (see image below). The UI for selecting the columns looks this:

It is also possible to sort the contracts, by for example creation date.

Oneflow recommends the settings and order according to the image above, but this of course comes down to your own preference. The field that are marked as (hidden) are not meant to be used.