To install Oneflow for Salesforce, go to the page for the application on Salesforce Appexchange.

Click "Get it now" and follow the instructions to install the application in the desired organisation.


Once the application has been installed it needs to be configured in order to work properly.

In Oneflow

The first step is to activate the Salesforce extension (integration) in Oneflow. During this step you will be given an API token (see image below):

Copy the API token and save it temporarily, it must be entered in Salesforce in the next step. Important: only API tokens created by the extension can be used. You cannot directly create your own via the API token extension.

In order for the contract in Salesforce to be updated, you will need to authenticate from Oneflow to Salesforce. This is done by clicking the Authenticate to Salesforce button at the bottom of the page. A standard Salesforce authentication window will then appear and you sign in as normal. When authentication is successful the button will be replaced by a success message (see image below).

In Salesforce

Go to installed packages, found under Setup, and select Configure for the Oneflow package. 

Below follows a description of each field in the configuration. The only field required for the integration to work is API Token.


API Token

In the field API Token enter the API token that you temporarily saved from the step above and save. If the API token is correct the connection status will change to "working" (see image below).

Contact Title

Select which field should be sent as contact title (CEO, Sales rep, etc) to Oneflow when creating contract .

Opportunity Contacts

Choose wether or not to only include opportunity contact in the list of available contacts when creating contracts. Default is to also include account contacts.

Account VAT/reg. no.

Select which field should be sent as account (party) VAT or registration number to Oneflow when creating contract.

Default counterpart country

Set which country should be the default country when creating contracts. After the first contract has been created for an account, the last used country will be used for that account instead of this value.

Opportunity stage

The application allows for automatically changing the opportunity stage depending on Oneflow contract state.

To not change the opportunity stage, select "-None-".

Changing page layout

You are now ready to add Oneflow contract to your page layouts.

You'll find this next step here.