A bulk import of contracts allows you to add a large amount of contracts and contract information into your archive, instead of adding contracts individually. Your old contracts will be uploaded as PDF:s into Oneflow contracts, but will have a Oneflow lifecycle with start dates, duration and notifications for notice periods.

To do a bulk import, you will need our help and we will need yours. You can’t do a bulk import in the application.

Here's how you do it:
We need the same information for a bulk import as we do in a regular import - A contract file (PDF), contract data and any attachments. However, we need to receive it in a different form.

First, put your contract PDF:s or TIFF:s in a folder. Upload it via Dropbox or Google Drive and give us access to it. If you wish to upload a large amount of PDF:s, we recommend using a zip-file.

Then, we need information about the contract
Since we’re going to import a large amount of data, we need a template for entering information: Download the Excel template "Bulk Import.xlsl" provided at the bottom of this article.

You will find a short guide and a tab marked "Contract data" - the tab is where you'll fill in the information for each contract you wish to import.

Information marked in bold means that the information is required for us to do a bulk import.

If you want to do a bulk import with the least amount of effort, these are the fields that need to be filled in.

All other information is optional, but filling it out will give you the full benefit of the Oneflow archive - just like a regular import.

The Bulk Import template is color coded for the different sections:

Orange is for Contract data. This means adding:

  • File name: The name of the contract PDF, e. g. "contract123.pdf".

  • Attachments: Any attachments to the contract. Any file type is allowed.

  • Contract state after import: Either "Signed" or "Declined".

  • Closing date: When the contract was closed, either by signing or closing. Add date as YYYY-MM-DD. Please note that this has to be a current or past date. We cannot import dates with a future sign date.

Green is for the contract Life cycle.
This is a bit more complicated than doing it via the application. Most of these fields are optional, but filling them out will give you the benefits of notifications and a contract life cycle in Oneflow - so it's really worth the effort!

  • Type: This describes the duration of a contract. These are added as digits and require different date information:

  • 1 is for a one time contract with a single duration (Needs: Duration)

  • 2 is for a recurring contract (Needs: Duration + Notice period)

  • 3 is for an ongoing contract with a first period turning into a second period that lasts until cancelled, for example a contract with an intitial trial period (Needs Duration for first period and Notice period)

  • Duration: Added as digit (1, 2, 3...) and time ('d' = days, 'm' = months, 'y' = years), e. g. "12m"

  • Notice period: Same as above, e. g. "3m"

  • Initial duration: Added same as above, e. g. "6m". Needs to be added for a type 3 contract.

  • Start date: When contract turns active. Add date as YYYY-MM-DD.
  • End date: End date for the first period, which doesn't have to be the same date as for the contract. Replaces duration for Type 1, replaces initial duration for Types 2 and 3. Add date as YYYY-MM-DD.

The last three sections are for participant information.

Required information for all sections are Company name, organisation/VAT number and first and last name of one signatory participant.
Optional information is first and last name of a second participant.

Purple is information about Your side of the contract process.
If any signatory party is a Oneflow user, the contract will be added to their "My Contracts" under "Signed" in the Oneflow archive.

Blue is information about your Counterpart.
If you have another counterpart from a different company, please fill in the turquoise fields.

Turquoise is information about a Second counterpart. If you only have participants from one company, you can leave this field empty.

Before you send this to us: Double check to make sure that the amount of contracts corresponds with the amount of rows in the excel sheet.
This is to make sure you’ve entered information for all contracts and that the information corresponds with the correct contract PDF.

After you've filled out the template for all of your contracts, please send the finished version along with your contract PDF folder to support@oneflow.com. We will contact you as soon as the bulk import is finished.

Good luck, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions :)