We understand that this can be very stressful, but it's important to find out why. Start with asking your counterpart what happens when they try to open the contract, and look below for a solution.

Because they didn't click the link
E-signing is still new to a lot of people, and sometimes a lack of prior experience can make recipients overlook the most obvious solution.

Make sure to ask your recipient if they've tried clicking both the "Go to contract"-button and the text link at the bottom of the message.

Because they’ve received the wrong link
Your recipient will not be able to open the contract from the same URL as you'd use ("app.oneflow.com/contracts/xxxxxx/"). This is a URL link intended for Oneflow users, and your recipient will be asked to log in to the application.

Your recipient will need to open the contract from their own, unique link provided in your e-mail. Ask them to click on the green button provided in your email.

Because they haven't received the e-mail
Sometimes, your recipients mail provider may have settings that block your messages from coming through.

This is usually because of the content of the email - something you've written in your message makes a spam filter sort out your email as, well, spam. If you're having this problem a lot, consider rewriting your messages into something less likely to be recognised as spam.

We can also track emails sent from the application. If you're curious to know if and why an email was blocked, please contact the Oneflow support and provide details about the email that failed to reach its recipient.

Because the application or contract won't load
Here, you will need our help. Please contact support@oneflow.com and provide us with the contract ID (5-7 digits that can be found in the web browser bar), and we'll check it out right away!