Your counterpart received, opened, read and filled out the contract - but now they can't sign it? (If they can't even open a contract, please read this)

First: Make sure that your counterpart has saved all the changes they made in the contract.
If there are unsaved edits, a blue "save"-button will appear instead of the green sign button. Click on the "Save"-button to make the green "Sign"-button appear.

Second: Make sure your counterpart has filled out all Required fields in the contract.
Required fields are marked out with (required) and blue arrows:

Your counterpart may also have a reminder below the "Sign"-button.

If you click "View required fields", the contract view will jump down to show you the fields that need to be filled out. If you have more than one field, it will start with the top one.

Ask your counterpart to fill out the required fields and save their changes. After that, the "Sign" button will appear in the sidebar to the right.

Tips and tricks

  • If you've had to search for this article, we understand if required fields just seem like a bother. But remember that they're great if you really need that address, amount of people or allergy information.