When you copy text and paste it into Oneflow, the format data of the text will be copied along with it. If our text editor can’t read that information, your text may appear strange as a result.

Therefore, we always recommend that you

- Remove the format from the text
Paste the text without format (Ctrl + V + Shift for Windows/Linux or Cmd + V + Shift for Mac). You can also remove the formatting by marking the text and pressing the “Remove formatting”-button in the toolbar.

- Use the pre-formatted options in Oneflow
You can edit the size of text as you would in any other text editor, but the format options makes it easier to have consistent formatting throughout your document. Click on the "Format"-menu in the toolbar to view our Format alternatives.

I pasted it without format, but now the text is squashed/has a lot of space between words, why?

This can be because you've copied text with columns or indents. Simply remove the spaces and edit the text according to your needs.