If you're a Oneflow-Administrator, you can invite colleagues to work in and use Oneflow together with you. Remember that for every user, you need to have a Oneflow licence.

Adding users
Go to the Settings menu and click on "Manage users" in the left sidebar.

First, you will have an overview of all the users added to the company and the ones who have pending invitations.

To add new users, write the user's name and email in the provided fields and press "Invite". An invited user will receive a registration email with instructions on how to sign up to the service.

When your colleague has completed their registration, they will be moved from "Invited users" to "Oneflow-Users". You can also turn a user into an administrator by pressing "Promote".

Tips and tricks

  • Depending on the size and structure of your company, you can also give users different permissions for using Oneflow.