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Oneflow Academy- Webinar Video + Tips

Thank you for joining Oneflow Academy! We hope you got plenty of useful tips.

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Below is a short checklist that you can lean on when setting up your Oneflow account:


1. Enter company details and logo under "Admin -Account"
(The details will be seen above the list of participants on the side of all contracts and in all mail notifications)

2. Under "Admin -Account - Extensions", activate the extensions that are of interest, such as signing via e-identification/SMS.

3.Want to add more contract types or teams? Under “Admin-Workspaces”, Create more Workspaces.


4. Create a contract template


5. When the account structure is ready, it's time to invite colleagues!


6. Start sending contracts! Click on the yellow “New contract” button in the main menu and choose the appropriate template 




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