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Placing widget on custom forms

  1. Login to Dynamics with Admin privileges
  2. Settings - Customization - Customize the system  
  4. Choose opportunity entity and form where you want to place the widget (for example if it is Opportunity entity: Entities - Opportunity - Form - Opportunity)
  5. At Top navigation ribbon click at second tab "Insert"
  6. Create New Section and/or Tab if required to place our Widget
  7. Select Section where widget should be placed
  8. At Top Navigation click to add WebResource
  9. Select widget "of_/Html/widget.html" at Web Resource lookup field.
  10. Populate Required fields.
  11. Be sure to mark "Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters" and leave "Restrict cross-frame scripting" empty
  12. Select Second Tab "Formating"
  13. Preferred size of widget 8 Rows
  14. Set Scrolling to "Never" and uncheck Display border
  15. Ok

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