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Duration & Lifecycle Events

Get notified on lifecycle events

Remembering and keeping track of the different timings of all of your contracts can be a real hassle. Contract periods, renewals, cancellation periods.. It's a lot! With Oneflow's life cycle feature you'll instead receive automatic notifications that are keeping track for you, so that you'll never miss a deadline!

Activate a duration on a contract

  1. Click on the yellow circle with a + in a contract to create a new section.
  2. Select the section called Duration.
  3. Then choose a suitable duration for your contract.

Once you have selected a duration, you can edit the duration period by hovering the mouse pointer above the date you want to change. You can choose how many days, weeks, months or years it should be.

You can change the duration as well as set a fixed start date and/or fixed end date, and/or an initial period by clicking on the gear icon next to the section.

The text presented in the duration section cannot be edited and is firmly determined. If this text does not suit you, you can add a text block above / below the section to add the information you want to present. If you still want reminders, you can use the function internal reminders. 

TIP: If you have contracts that have been signed outside of Oneflow, you can import the contract and set a duration. In this way, you most definitely will not miss any notice periods or the contract period that requires follow-up. 

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