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Data retention

Data retention is managing your contract data to avoid storing any information past its allowed time (GDPR). By enabling data retention in your workspaces, you can choose when your draft, overdue, declined, or terminated contracts will automatically be deleted from the system.


Setting a 14-day retention period for expired contracts will delete contracts 14 days after expiration.

Enable data retention

To enable data retention:

  1. Go to  Admin  > Workspaces and choose the workspace for which you want to enable data retention.
  2. Go to the Data retention tab and click Edit.
  3. Specify how many days you'd like to keep contracts before being removed and click Confirm.
  4. Confirm changes.


  • Contracts removed by data retention cannot be restored.
  • The retention period in settings will always be in days.
  • Moving a contract to a workspace with data retention may remove the contract.
  • Setting the date retention fields empty will disable data retention.
  • The system removes contracts daily.

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