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Introduction to Oneflow

Hello and welcome to Oneflow! 

This is a short introduction intended to help recipients of Oneflow contracts.

What is Oneflow?

Oneflow is an digital platform that makes it easier to create, send and sign contracts using electronic signatures. We provide a service for various companies - If you have concerns about the contract itself, please contact the company that sent you the contract.

How do I use Oneflow?

As a recipient, you have been sent an email with a link to a contract that your counterparty wants you to read through, consider and (hopefully) sign. A Oneflow contract is interactive and allows you to fill in information and make choices right in the contract itself.

To open the contract, press the "Open"-button in the email. This will open the contract in our application. You do not need to be a registered user to open a contract.


To the right, you will see the sidebar menu.

Here you have: 

  • The contract counterparties and their contact information. To show more information about each participant, hover over their name to get more details. If you wish to edit your information in any way, click on the pencil that appears when hovering to fill in the details.

  • A button for saving edits in a contract (when gray) or signing a contract (when green)

  • Information about how many days are left until the contract expires

  • A link to download a PDF copy of the contract

If you represent a company as a signatory party you may also delegate your signing rights to a colleague.

Under "Options" in the bottom right corner you can find:

  • The option to untag "Send notifications on contract updates". Please note that this will turn off all notifications related to that specific contract.
  • The option to reject the contract by clicking on "No thank you, not interested".
  • See our Terms of Use.
  • Navigate to our Help Center by clicking on "Help".

To the left, you will see the contract itself.

Depending on how your counterparty has designed the contract, you may have to fill in information och make a choice. Oneflow is safe to use, and no details that are filled in are ever shared with third parties outside the contract.

Fill in the information and save your changes to sign the contract!

Note that the the gray “Save”-button will only be replaced by a “Sign”-button after all changes are saved.

At the top of the page, you will find

  • Audit trail where all changes and interactions made with the contract are logged

  • Comment section Where you or other counterparties can leave comments

  • Notifications views and settings

  • If you have any additional questions concerning your Oneflow contract, please contact the sender for more information!

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