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Section: Text and Image

Text and image-sections are sections used for text, headers and pictures. Many of you have probably used similar tools for other programs, but here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Oneflow contract.

Adding a Text and image section

Go to the editing view, click a Text and image section and drag and drop it where you want it in the contract. Click "Create content", either in the section or at the bottom of the view, to move to the contract view and fill up your text section!

Editing tools
When you click a text section, an editing menu will appear. To the left you will find familiar tools for making bullet lists, different fonts, text placement or highlights and colors.

But to the right, there are some tools that you may not be familiar with. Here's a brief summary of how to use them:

Adding images

Click on the Image button to upload a picture. After you've uploaded your picture, you can click the corners to adjust the size according to taste.
Double-click the image to open a menu for the Image Properties. Here, you can adjust the size of your image in pixels, reset or lock the size of the image, but the most useful function here is choosing an alignment for your picture.
Choosing left, center or right will fix your image in one of these positions and allow text to wrap around it:

Can I copy and paste an image into my contract?
More often than not, this will result in a broken image. Instead, we recommend you save the image onto your unit and then upload it into the contract.

Adding links

Why not take advantage of Oneflows digital format by making text into hyperlinks? This means making text into a clickable link to a location of your choice - for example a homepage or email.

Select the word, sentence or section you want to make into a link ad click on the chainlink hoop. This will open a menu where you can choose the URL or email to open when the link is activated.

Maybe you've copied and pasted a text section with links that suddenly lead nowhere? Don't worry. Highlight the link and click on the broken chain-icon in the text editor to remove the hyperlink.


Adding tables is a good way of structuring information. Click on the Tables-button and choose how many fields you wish to add.
You can also click on "More..." to customise the width and height of your table fields, to add headers and a title to your table, and press "OK" to apply.

Page breaks
A page break lets you move parts of a contract onto a new page. This will only be visible in the PDF version of the contract, and not in the contract view.
Oneflow will automatically avoid breaking up sections and text elements. But for longer text sections, this may result in unwanted blank spaces in the final PDF. To fix this, break up your text into shorter divisions.

Click where you want the contract to break to a new page.

Click on “Insert page break for printing”.

A horizontal line will appear, showing where the section will cut off and move.

 To view the final result, save your changes and download the PDF preview.

Page breaks can only be used in text sections. If you want to move a form or product table onto a new page, insert a text section and add a page break into it.

Format and Size

Size - This works similar to size settings in text editors. Highlight the text your want to edit and select a font size from the menu.Format is similar, but instead of only selecting size you choose from a menu of pre-formatted text alternatives. This is a better tool for maintaining consistency in your contract - especially if you use a lot of headers or sections.

Why can't I use my company's font in Oneflow?
As a company, you of course have the rights to your own fonts - but we don’t.
If you want a header or title in a specific font, a solution is to save this as a picture and insert it into a text field.

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