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Reassign an existing user account to another user

If you need to reassign an existing user account to someone else in your company, you can definitely do that by taking over an existing user profile. You might need this when an employee leaves and their seat needs to be transferred to another employee.


Taking over an existing user is performed by a Oneflow administrator

To take over an existing user account, as a company Oneflow admin, please do the following:

  1. Reset the password of the user account you wish to take over.
  2. After changing the password, log in to this user account.
  3. Click the user account icon in the bottom left part of the Oneflow app > My profile.

  4.  In the Profile tab, click Edit.
  5. Change the user name and e-mail address, and click Confirm.
  6. The system will send a registration email to the new e-mail address. Make sure the recipient opens the email to confirm the registration process.


We would also advise the new user to change the password by clicking the user profile icon > My profile, and on the Profile tab, clicking Change password.

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