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Create a PDF template

If you have a PDF document that needs no editing once sent, you can add it to as a template! Follow the steps below to create your first PDF template and learn how to create a document using the template.

Create a PDF template

  1. Go to Templates and click Template library.
  2. Select the Embed PDF template and click Confirm.
  3. Once you confirm, the system will direct you to the template. Drop a PDF or click Choose file to add the PDF file that will serve as a template for your future PDF documents. You can also choose the appropriate settings, such as language, delivery method, signing method, etc.
  4. Name the template and click Save template changes.
    Now you're ready for creating documents based on this template!

Create a PDF document 

When you're done creating a PDF template, you can use it to create PDF documents.

  1. From the template, click Use template.
  2. Alternatively, from the main menu, click New document and select your template from the template list that appears.
  3. Rename the document, add participants and click Send.

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