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 Welcome to Oneflow! Here is an outline to get you started. 


Once you've logged into the application, you'll be greeted with a Dashboard, which will give you an overview of your document activities over the past 30 days. Read more about the Dashboard here.

Depending on which workspace access and rights you have, you will also be able to see different tabs in the left navigation pane.

Tabs in the Navigation pane 

  • + New Document
  • Documents - the archive
  • Templates
  • Address book
  • Help
  • Global Search
  • Admin
  • Oneflow - My profile

Document archive

All documents will be collected under the tab documents. Regardless of the status of the document (signed, pending, draft, etc.)

In the document archive you will be able to see more details about your documents.
Example for this is: 

  • The signing period - Read more about signing period here.
  • How many times a participant has opened a document. 
  • Participant information.
If you work with several workspaces, your documents will be divided into different archives depending on what workspace the document was created from.
In the top left corner you can easily see which workspace you are working inside.


When you are inside the document archive, you have the option of searching for specific documents through the filtering, you can use these filters: 

Quick filters:
Other filters:
  • Drafts
  • Sent
  • Signed
  • My turn to sign
  • I can sign
  • Colleagues
  • Status
  • Insights
  • Sign order
  • Life cycle
  • Date
  • Tags

Document information

There is some information about documents and the participants that you can get by hovering the mouse pointer in the document archive.
The information you can obtain is, for example:

  • If a participant has viewed the document and how many times.
  • When the document was sent.
  • When the document was signed.
  • When the documents sign period expires.
  • Information regarding the participant such as signing method and delivery channel.

And much more!


Under the templates tab, you have a combined list of all the templates that are in a workspace. Each workspace has its own template archive.
What you can do, among other things, is:

  • Decide which templates are active/inactive.
  • Create new templates. 
  • Edit existing templates.

If you need some inspiration, you can look at the template we have built in the template library. You can read more about the template library here.

Global Search

If you work in multiple workspaces, it's easy to forget which document belongs to which workspace. You can make your document handling easier with Global search! You can search for any document in any workspace. 

Read more about global search here.

My Profile

At the bottom of the navigation panel you will find My profile. Under My profile, you have the opportunity to manage your user.

Here you can do the following:

  • Update your personal details - change password, email address, name and more.
  • Manage your notifications. 
  • Manage your personal message templates.
  • Enable Two-step authentication for login.

Here are a few articles you may find interesting related to what you can do under My profile:


If your user type is Administrator, you will also have the Admin option that will allow you to administrate the entire account. 

You will be able to administer the following tabs:

  • Account
  • Users
  • Workspaces
  • Roles
  • Groups
  • Extensions
  • Tags
  • Billing
  • Audit log
  • Data management

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